TROPICAL FISHING!!! トロピカルフィッシング&シュノーケリング in Guam!!!

今日はトロピカルフィッシングツアーをしてきました。 お魚はちょいちょい釣れて皆さんは喜んでました。 仕掛けが海底に引っかかる事が多くて仕掛けがなくなりかけた。。。(笑) シュノーケリングの時はカメ6匹、サメ4匹、マダラトビエイ2匹とダイビングでも中々一回で見れる事が少ない物を一回で見れた!!! 今日来てくれたお客様が明日も行きたいと予約をまたしてくれました!!!!!!! We had a Tropical Fishing & snorkeling tour today. We caught couple fish and customers were pretty happy!!! In my words “STOKED” Customers were hitting the bottom and losing the rigs and almost ran out of the rigs!!! LOL… Afterwards, we did a snorkeling tour and got to see 6 Turtles, 4 Sharks and 2 Spotted Eagle Rays!!! This kind of stuff is rare to see on one Dive but the customers got to see them in one snorkeling tour!!! 2 of the customers today had so much fun today that they made reservations for tomorrow again!!! We must of done something right!!! HOPE TOMORROW IS THE SAME OR BETTER THAN TODAY!!!! See you tomorrow!!!